Getting a security system can often be overly simplified into a process of selecting the right home security devices. And while picking the right pieces is essential in creating that well-functioning security system that you’re confident in, it really isn’t the end-all be-all of security. Project 113629983Even the best security companies should tell you that your security system is going to be best used when fitted into a whole security plan for your home, one that utilizes various layers of security to optimize your prevention and protection from criminal interests. What are the layers of home security and how should you begin to implement them? Here’s a basic guide for creating a layered security system for your home.

Step One- Keep it Ship Shape

One of the first responsibilities of home security is keeping things well maintained so that you send the clear message to the potential burglar that you’re watching. Homeowners who keep their yard, gardens, landscaping and property tidy and well maintained do the following:

  • 1429204_74570137Keep the yard cut- extra growth shows signs of relaxation, which often indicates to burglars that you’re not paying strict attention to things.
  • Never leave toys, rakes, ladders and other tools in the yard! Leaving these things out in the open is like handing your burglar the keys to the house. They aren’t afraid to use your property against you and break-in.
  • Never let your bushes or landscaping over grow it’s place, or cover windows or doors. It is important to maintain a clear view all the way from your house to the street.

Step Two- Physical Security

While maintaining the appearance of your home is a great way to prevent interest from a burglar, maintaining appropriate physical security is one of the best ways to actually thwart their attempts to enter your home.

  • Fix anything that needs repair. If screen doors or windows get holes in them they should be repaired or replaced immediately.
  • Lights that burn out should be replaced so that there are no dark areas around entries or corners of your home and yard. It’s important to keep things well illuminated! Crooks do not want to be seen and if you don’t give them good hiding spots they’ll avoid you.
  • 890771_56902558Exterior doors should always have locks on them both handle locks and deadbolts! Windows should also have locks and should be locked at all times, even on the second floor. Sliding glass doors should not only have a lock, but since most only have a tiny lever for protection, a dowel should be kept in the door track so the door cannot be opened.

Final Layer- Electronic Security

After you have taken care with all of these things and made sure that your home is properly set up to be protected it’s time to finally design the electronic security. Your home security should include cameras to cover the exterior doors and windows if possible. These cameras should be able to switch over to night vision in low light. On the inside motion detectors and indoor cameras (with motion detection) should be placed to watch over the rooms that hold your most valuable goods i.e. the entertainment center. All windows and doors could also use glass break sensors and door sensors if preferred.

Utilizing the three layers of good home security is the surest way for you to know that you’re getting the most protection and prevention, which is the best way to go about home security.